Get off the Hamster Wheel with the Paycheck to Paycheck Method




Get off the financial hamster wheel by seeing into the future using the Paycheck to Paycheck Method. This system was created out of frustration after I kept finding myself short on cash on a consistent basis even though on paper I should have enough. After trying all the version of monthly “budget” sheets I realized that they don’t work for real life or for real humans. They are too complex and let’s be real, hard to stick to. This method does not require you to be on a budget, nor is it complex. All you need is a notebook, pen, calendar and a calculator.

The booklet may be short but goal here isn’t to insert a bunch of fluff but rather to help you get going. Progress and feeling in control = happiness. Download your PDF right now and get going.

Below are comments from people that reviewed the 22 page booklet.

-This is something every high schooler needs to read
-Very simple and easy to understand
-I love you how you talk about viewing as a game
-I love that you suggest mixing things up
-It’s super easy to understand your concepts
-Loved that it was a quick, simple and short booklet with lots of great information
-The information was easy to understand and follow


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