Excel Your Life, Live Your Legacy Workbook & Planner

It’s a workbook, journal and planner combination that gives you clarity, focus, and strategy to help you set and achieve your goals both long-term and short-term. Imagine waking up with purpose, intention and a plan on how to live a life of legacy.

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Excel Your Life Planner

This book is the follow up to the workbook. The blue book is your foundation each year that also gives you 5 weeks of the planner to get you started.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This newly launched  Excel Your Life Planner (the black book) gives you 5 Weeks of just the planner so you can continually stay on track. We made it small and light so you can carry it with you everywhere. 


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What to see how it looks inside? Check out this flip-through!

Imagine waking up with purpose, intention and a plan on how to create and live a life of legacy!

The Excel Your Life, Live Your Legacy Workbook & Planner takes you through the Live Your Legacy Framework, which helps you define where you’re going and why. It helps you gain clarity, focus, and motivation to not only set goals but to achieve them. Knowing where you’re going and why is a beautiful thing. 

The workbook also comes with 1 month of the Excel Your Life JournalPlanner that helps you stay on track both personally and professionally. The workbook is created so you do it once a year but go back and review throughout the year. Then just buy the Excel Your Life JournalPlanner as its separate journal and planner.  

Enjoy going through the workbook and then jump onto the planning part, which includes a daily morning and evening journal, weekly review and monthly reflection. 


 Examples of how some of the pages look like



 Examples of how some of the pages look like



This book contains:

  • Live Your Legacy workbook
  • Money Planner
  • The Bucket Sheet
  • Monthly focus and goals page
  • Weekly project pages and overview pages
  • Weekly check-in and journaling pages
  • 5 weeks of daily pages 
  • 5 weeks of daily journaling pages
  • And more!

It’s time to stop spinning and start living. Hamster wheels are for hamsters, not us.

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