What are the Excel Your Life, Live Your Legacy Workbook & Planner and Excel Your Life Planner?

The blue book is a workbook, journal and planner combination that gives you clarity, focus and strategy to help you set and achieve your goals both long-term and short-term. Imagine waking up with purpose, intention and a plan on how to live a life of legacy.

The workbook takes you through the Live Your Legacy Framework, which helps you define where you’re going and why. The workbook also comes with a month of the Excel Your Life Planner that helps you stay on track with your goals. Going forward you do the workbook once a year, and then just buy the Excel Your Life Planner after that.

Enjoy going through the workbook and then get onto the planning part, including a daily morning and evening journal, weekly review and monthly reflection. Start with the Excel Your Life, Live Your Legacy Workbook & Planner (blue book), then continue your progress with the Excel Your Life Planner (black book).

It’s time to stop spinning and start living!


Get Your Copy

Get your once a year workbook that takes you through the Live Your Legacy Framework + 5 weeks of the Excel Your Life Planner to get you started.

After you go through the blue workbook, continue your daily, weekly and monthly planning with the Excel Your Life Planner. It’s small enough to carry with you everywhere.

Science shows that pen to paper helps your brain focus on what you are writing. Old school still works and helps you set and achieve your goals.

Camilla is one of those people who walks the talk and has the energy to prove it. I finally had the time to jump in on her LYL workshop and knew it would be worth every minute so I did it!

The Live your Legacy workshop helped me to see where I wanted to go, yet break it down into smaller steps to make it manageable. Everyone in the class had different goals or career paths, and Camilla could help all of us with her program and it worked for each of us in our own way. The Live Your Legacy course kept me always excited to come back for more. I would leave thinking I just learned everything I possibly could! Every week I couldn’t wait to go to class because I couldn’t wait to see what we were learning next. Camilla has so much knowledge and is so excited to share and see you succeed it is evident. I would recommend working with her in any way you can, she has more insight and care in making your dreams come true than anyone I know!

Carri Wullner Business Owner – Mountain Local


The Team Behind What You Are Holding in Your Hands

Camilla Kragius


Camilla Kragius, Founder of Live Your Legacy, is a relentless dreamer and doer, who passionately tackles mission-driven projects that are close to her heart.

Fundamentally shifting the way people think and approach life is a core value in her goal-achieving framework. Everyone deserves to wake up filled with purpose and intention, fulfilling their greatest potential and living a life of legacy both personally and professionally. 

She currently resides in Park City, Utah and can most often be found in its beautiful outdoors. Exploring the world and enjoying deep conversations, while sipping coffee or wine in the company of people she meets in her travels, is one of her favorite things. 



Image of Karin Tegeman

Karin Tegeman

Designer & Creative Director

Creative chief and owner of Tegeman Production & Education. She is a woman who is passionate about design and helping fellow busy entrepreneurs to be successful with content marketing.

With deep knowledge about psychology and a keen eye for graphic design, she helps clients with everything from creating a strategy to on-site content production. She also holds creative workshops for local businesses in Sweden where she lives.

Besides helping clients you can often find her photographing or filming for some passion project or cozying up on the sofa sipping on a cup of tea.