Have you ever lost someone and you didn’t realize what an impact they had on you until it was too late to tell them?

Hello! I’m Camilla, Founder of the Live Your Legacy framework which is a simple, yet impactful way of how to set and achieve goals so that you can wake up with purpose, intention and a plan on how to live a life of legacy.

In 2008, I lost one of my great friends. Little did I know that JC’s passing was going to be the main catalyst for where I am today and lead me to create the Live Your Legacy framework.

My friend’s passing made me think of the word legacy differently.
It made me think about my own life and what kind of legacy I would leave behind. Not just legacy in terms of money and name on buildings, but what kind of positive impact that would live on beyond me and what kind of legacy I was passing on every day! 

Our friend gave us a gift to pass on. He was a very present, joyous, giving, and soulful person. Anyone who met him, even so briefly, remembered his bear hugs and exuberant smile. He made you feel like a million bucks in his presence. And it didn’t matter who you were. He made everyone he came across feel that way. He believed in you more than you ever dared to believe in yourself. He made you want to become a better person. To give more. To live more. To smile more and always see the best in others.

My friends passing made me want to live a more intentional life.
I started asking myself how I wanted someone to feel being in my presence, even if I only had a few minutes with that person. I started working on showing up as such. I started seeking out living a life that when it ends, would make me proud and feel as if I passed on the gifts handed to me.

It’s an on-going process.
And always will be but today, following this framework, I have seen some remarkable changes in my own life, including those that have gone through it. Just being more intentional about how you show up is a game-changer. We think we’re not in charge of us, but we’re 100% in charge of how we show up, the energy we bring, and how we want others to feel around us.

Improving your life and going after what you want takes courage. Not everyone will understand why you would want to improve your life. That’s okay. They are not living your life. Or will be there at the end filled with regrets if you give into what they think.

Ask yourself what YOU truly want, then be brave to follow your path, not someone else’s.

My challenge for you, if you’re brave enough to take it on, is to follow your journey, however it may look. Enjoy the process.

Go boldly towards your dreams, excel your life and live your legacy my friend!




The Excel Your Life, Live Your Legacy Mission

To fundamentally change how people think and approach life, so that they can wake up with purpose, intention and a plan on how to create and live a life of legacy by providing a framework, access to resources and a community of support.

Our Core Values

Do the right thing.
Honesty leads to trust. Without that, you have nothing.
Open communication, at all times.
Goofiness, passion and fun.
Exceptional customer service.
Be helpful and kind.
Personal responsibility, no short cuts or blame.
Always strive to do your very best. Demand more of yourself.
Your team is your family.
Pursue growth and continual learning.
Serve and give first. People over profit.
Be humble and show empathy. Be generous.
Be fully alive. Bring the energy you want into the room.

Camilla’s Personal Life Lessons

Give over getting.
Be respectful.
Say Thank You daily.
Kindness matters more than you think.
Be helpful.
Follow the Golden rule.
Take personal responsibility.
Think of the person behind you.
Use all your senses daily.
What impact will your action mean for future generations?
Do the right thing even when no one’s watching.
Never lose your childlike nature.
Be curious.
Assume less, ask more.
Be more aware.
Laugh daily.
Love people.
Forgive fast.